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Bank privately and securely with META Investment Bank


Bank privately and securely with META Investment Bank!

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Trade and Exchange your Digital Assets


Trade and Exchange your Digital Assets

META 1 is a Private Digital Currency Backed by Gold.

META 1 Coin presently holds a profound asset portfolio in gold. These assets are assigned as the financial backing of META 1 Coin. As Coins are purchased, funds are continually reinvested in additional assets assigned to the coin, increasing the coin's value. META 1 Coin Trust will continue acquiring assets increasing its values tremendously under this model. Therefore, META 1 Coin will expand in value providing a great opportunity for all participants.

Meta 1 Private Digital Currency
META 1 Coin

About META 1 Coin

META 1 Coin created new financial systems that are based on abundance and equity. Humanity has been enslaved by the old financial system for far too long. META 1 believes that Humans have needed a platform to transact and convey commercially for some time now. By utilizing blockchain technology and the simple premise of “Peer to Peer” architectures, META 1 has developed a financial system for the first time in millenniums, one that favors Humanity. Read More ...

Opportunity Statement and Vision

The global economic system has changed tremendously over the past hundred years. Paper currency gradually replaced gold, and from 1971 it was the US dollar which was used to replace gold. The US used the fact that gold is present in a limited amount in the world, and paper money is more accessible to carry and to transfer. The issue with these fiat currencies is that they are centralized and regulated by governments. The value of these currencies is based only on the faith of the people upon the promise of their governments. There is no commodity of intrinsic value at the back of these fiat currencies, not now at least. The arrival of internet banking has reduced the usage of paper money, and now digital currency is used instead of paper which means now states do not even need to print money. Economists, especially from the Austrian school of thought, consider fiat money a socially and economically destructive scheme. There is a need to present an innovative monetary system which is backed by a scalable commodity with intrinsic value. META 1 Coin Trust has the vision to offer a more stable, democratic, decentralized and scalable solution. META 1 Coin Trust is presenting assets as the commodity to back the money in the form of META 1, a Smart, Witnessed and Collateralized coin.

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META 1 Coin is on the most secure protocols. Your investment in META 1 Coins is safe.

Meta 1 Investment Bank


META INVESTMENT BANK is an array of Sovereign Bank charters operating from diverse jurisdictions to transact in cryptocurrencies unencumbered. Read More ...

Investing in META 1 Coin

Investing in META 1 Coin

META 1 COIN is still available in the private sale. META 1 COIN is backed by gold assets and is an amazing opportunity. Read More ...

META 1 Trading


META Exchange is a decentralized trading platform ensuring liquidity for Coin holders. Behind META Exchange are gateways to other blockchains. Read More ...

Crypto-Technology and Its Importance

Several technologies have stunned the world over the last two decades. These technologies include the World Wide Web, cloud computing, smartphones, and social media. However, there is one technology which has the potential to disrupt the global economic system, and this technology is crypto technology. This technology is still new, and most people don’t have much knowledge about it. The potential of this technology can be realized by the fact that the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is based on it. This technology gave birth to dozens of cryptocurrencies over the last few years. The best thing about these currencies is that most of them are decentralized; therefore, these currencies received the attention of big investors. Read More..

META 1 Investment Bank

META 1Investment Bank

META Investment Bank is a Private Bank charter allowing coin holders to transact securely and without scrutiny from the various Federal agencies.

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META 1 Card

META 1Card

The META CARD is the most secure DEBIT card that is available to META Exchange, META BANK account holders. The META CARD is a typical DEBIT card that is available to META Exchange and META INVESTMENT BANK account holders. Account holders can exchange cryptocurrencies to US Dollars and or EUROs in real time to make non-crypto purchases. Read More...

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META 1Source Code

META 1 Coin Trust is the publisher of all required systems and wholly owns all source code for the complete Private Digital Currency ecosystem to include the wallet, coin, exchange and point of sales utilities. In-house resources have developed all software. Strategically controlling all system aspects at the most granular level “Source Code” Read More...

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Meta 1 Source Code

Technical Overview

META 1 will use smart contracts for transaction validation. A team of Blockchain engineers is working to develop a smart contract which works quickly and efficiently. Currently, there are also some issues with the Blockchain technology. For instance, the time to verify a transaction can be very high for a long Blockchain. This time can increase further if thousands of transactions happen in one second. It is important to note that a large number of devices with Blockchain (nodes) validate the transaction, but it also consumes significant time. Blockchain of Bitcoin needs validation from 51% of nodes to verify the transaction. This approach for transaction verification is also referred to as Proof of Work (POW). Delegated proof of stake mitigates the potential negative impacts of centralization through the use of witnesses (formally called delegates). A total of 18 witnesses signs the blocks and are voted on by those using the network with every transaction that gets made. By using a decentralized voting process, DPOS is by design more democratic than comparable systems. Rather than eliminating the need for trust, DPOS has safeguards in place that ensure that those trusted with signing blocks on behalf of the network are doing so correctly and without bias. Additionally, each block signed must have verification that the block before it was signed by a trusted node. DPOS eliminates the need to wait until a certain number of untrusted nodes have verified a transaction before it can be confirmed. Read More..

Frequently Asked Questions

META 1 Coin has defined a path to the new systems of abundance and equity by combining crypto technology with stable, high performing assets. Precious metals bonds are the securities for META 1 Coin. The result is an appreciating Asset Backed “Smart” Private Digital Currency.

There is a fixed number of META 1 Coins, therefore as the asset portfolio appreciates and expands, the coin value increases. META 1 Coin is valued by asset assignment allowing monetization of securities. META 1 smart contracts are used to assign assets to the coin and this functionality presents great opportunities in facilitation of liquidity, enabling new business possibilities. Smart contracts are unbreachable contracts on the blockchain and META 1 Coin smart contracts are designed to ensure a trend of coin appreciation!

META 1 Coin infrastructure includes a Private Block Chain "META BLOCK", a Private Bank and Exchange. This will allow unencumbered transactions as well as superior liquidity and security. The coin, the exchange, and the private bank together, create a financial ecosystem in favor of the people, not the banks.


Cryptocurrency is the money of the future. However, there is a missing link between the old and the new money system. Because Bitcoin and most other crypto currencies are not tied to hard assets, their value is based on speculation and unestablished consensus. Which lends itself to substantial swings in value. History shows us that non-asset backed currencies are subject to manipulation, inflation, and collapse.

What happens when you combine the highest performing, most stable asset classes, with crypto technology? You get an Asset-Backed “Smart” Digital Currency that appreciates in value.

Besides creating an asset backed currency, META 1 Coin has an infrastructure that is far beyond anything else in the crypto market and puts META 1 Coin in a class of its own.

META 1 has built their own decentralized full-service trading platform. META EXCHANGE provides members with the ability to buy and sell major crypto and fiat currencies. META INVESTMENT BANK makes META 1 different from the other cryptocurrencies. MIB is an array of Sovereign Bank charters operating from diverse jurisdictions to transact unencumbered. META INVESTMENT BANK offers superior liquidity and security to coin holders. The METANOMIC evolution is here.

There are three main variables that influence coin value.

The first is asset appreciation. Asset values will be tracked by a data feed from reputable institutions. That information will be embedded in the blockchain.

Secondly, the value from NEW assets are assigned to the 1 Billion META 1 coins, increasing coin value.

The change in coin value from the first two variables is applied to the coin using smart contracts.

The third component is Market Appreciation Value. Trading volumes, supply, and demand within the exchanges will affect the META 1 Coin value. META 1 Coin has already experienced positive market response and all indicators say it will increase in popularity quickly. As the coin value goes up from the positive market responding, META 1 adds assets to the coin further increasing the coin value.

Smart contracts, simply stated, are a set of rules applied to a coin. They are unbreachable contracts on the blockchain. META 1 uses several smart contracts. One of the contracts is used to assign the value of the new assets to the coin incrementally over time, to avoid a spike in coin value. META 1 Coin is for human beings and a smart contract is used to prevent large corporations from acquiring the coin.

META 1 Coin uses smart contracts to establish an upward trajectory in coin value. For example, there is a contract that prevents the coin from being sold for less than the asset value. The result is an upward trend algorithm that continues as the assets expand and appreciate.

There is a new evolution in finance. Blockchain and smart contracts have made way for an abundance based currency. By using smart contracts, META 1 Coin establishes a minimum coin value that is associated with the current asset value. Assets appreciate and when new assets are assigned, the result is an upward trajectory in coin value.

Contract number 6 demonstrates this effect. The rules say that the coin value associated with the current asset value determines a minimum coin value. For example, 2 billion dollars in assets equates to a coin value of $44.44, and applying contract #6 means the coin value cannot go below $44.44, but it can go up. As the META 1 asset base grows, the coin value increases proportionally. The rules in contract #6 mean that the coin value will not go below the new ‘higher’ minimum value. This upward trend algorithm continues as the assets expand and appreciate.

META EXCHANGE is a decentralized full-service trading platform providing members with the ability to buy and sell major crypto and fiat currencies. META EXCHANGE provides the necessary support modules for META Trader 5 used for the Forex and Exchange markets.

META EXCHANGE is fast and fluid and can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ while settling orders nearly instantly. The Bitshares technology was used to create the META EXCHANGE platform and META gateways allow integration to major crypto markets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, EOS and many others.

META INVESTMENT BANK is the bridge between the traditional banking system and the evolutionary blockchain banking system of the future.

In the 4th quarter of 2020, coin holders will be sent an email offering them a bank account at META INVESTMENT BANK (MIB). Then MIB will open up to other clients by invitation. There may be some minimum requirements to become a MIB client. You can sign up to be offered a MIB bank account by using the link. Request a META Investment Bank account.

META INVESTMENT BANK is an array of Sovereign Bank charters operating from diverse jurisdictions to help facilitate transactions. There is a network of supporting banks that provide a gateway from the private to the public banking network. MIB offers superior liquidity and security to coin holders.

The META INVESTMENT BANK customer portal has all the functionality of traditional online banking. In addition, the client interface provides the ability to buy, sell, and trade META 1 Coin and other digital assets. Users will be able to send and receive digital assets to and from anyone, anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously.

META 1 Coin is secured by a diverse mix of assets including gold mines, bars, bonds and other precious metal securities. The Gold asset class brings stability as well as a high level of scalability due to the ease in which it can be assigned to the coin. All indicators and experience have shown that the market response will result in a substantial rise in coin value and gold assets can easily and efficiently be assigned to the coin which supports a strong upward trajectory in coin value. META 1 Coin has combined a mix of gold assets to perfect and optimize this financial instrument.

META 1 Coin Trust operations are to acquire and securitize assets, therefore using them as security for the Private Digital Currency named META 1 Coin.

META 1 Coin Trust is a private trust granted by a Secured Party, Robert Paul Dunlap. Legal Notices have been served to all State and Federal agencies in the establishment of META 1 Coin’s private trust status. The Legal notices establish the legal composition and the terms of the private META 1 Coin Trust including jurisdiction. The SEC and IRS create and enforce public statutes and public policy while the META 1 Coin Trust is “Private.” This starting position is a profound and empowered standing. Moreover, if you were to compare the META 1 Coin Trust versus a state-issued limited liability corporation, the META 1 trust is owned by the Grantor and not the state like the LLC. Therefore, the legal entity is not owned by the state and has different and improved legal requirements regarding META 1 Coin Trust operations.

META 1 Coin is designed to be a Private Digital Currency for Humanity. META 1 Coin Trust status is a crucial part of the establishment of an abundance based economy that is in favor of the people not corporations and banks - METANOMICS.